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One night stands: what exactly are they? We see them on reality television shows like Jerry Springer and Maury; one night stands that resulted in mixed feelings, anger, and sometimes even a baby. There seems to be a much greater failure rate when it comes to one night stands; sometimes they just don’t work out.

Sometimes a one night stand in South Africa can relieve the pressures of daily life and make you feel rejuvenated, but sometimes a one night stand leaves you feeling more stressed than normal. What’s the secret to successfully navigating the slippery slope of a one night hook-up? Remember the following four items and you’ll be closer to achieving a stress free night between the sheets.

1. Remember To Communicate

Communication is crucial for anything to work out on a positive note. Make sure that both participants completely understand what the goal of the interaction is. If one participant wants a hook up and the other wants a relationship, this can cause serious issues after a night of passion. Discuss this before you engage physically; if you don’t, it could harbor negative feelings between partners. Make sure that you’re on the same page as your candidate, and if you aren’t, you should seriously consider moving onto another suitor.

2. Remember To Have A Prepared Location

Even if you plan to have a spontaneous, passionate romp, it’s beneficial to have a location in mind before you encounter your partner. Finding a location, whether it be a hotel room, apartment, or the back of a car, is crucial to the hook-up process. The uncertainty of a location can put a damper on the hook up. Indecision on a location can cause stress between partners. You don’t have to have it all planned out before you leave the house, but at least have an idea in mind so that you’re not taken by surprise.

3. Remember To Prepare

There’s an idea that preparation kills spontaneity, and in way it does, but in reality, proper preparation can make the engagement go off without a hit. Lack of preparation, like failure to bring a condom, can cause a very stressful situation for partners and put them in a situation that could result in a life-changing mistake. Birth control is important. Protection from STD’s is important. Preparing yourself for sexual interaction doesn’t kill the romance, it protects you and your partner.

4. Remember To Be Safe

It is extremely important that you remember to keep yourself safe, not only in regards to protection, but in regards to who you allow to touch your body. Sometimes one night stands can put us in unsafe situations like getting into a stranger’s car or entering an unknown apartment, so it’s important that you feel 100% comfortable with your partner before you agree to do anything or go anywhere with them. Feeling unsafe during a sexual encounter can greatly impact the pleasure that you receive. All in all, be safe and don’t put yourself in a situation that you can’t get out of.

In order to have a stress free one night stand in South Africa, you must keep these four rules in mind: Remember to communication, remember to prepare a location, remember to prepare, and lastly, and most importantly, remember to be safe.

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