The Pros and Cons of Casual Sex

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There’s been a revolution and now casual sex is everywhere! Ever since the “free love” movement in the 1970’s, casual sex has become an active part of mainstream society. It’s in movies, music, on television, and in novels; casual sex is a topic of great intrigue to some and great disgust to others.

In South Africa, we all hear about casual sex, but not everyone partakes in it, and not everyone believes that it is morally sound. Jumping into the world of casual sex can be daunting, but understanding the pros and cons of this modern lifestyle is the first step.

Pro: It’s Fun

The main reason why most people want to participate in acts of casual sex is the excitement that comes along with it. Sex can be just as fun as you want it to be, so the casual sex community can be light hearted and rejuvenating. It’s exciting to be with a new partner and experiencing this feeling can be a very fulfilling. The thrill from switching between partners is enough to push someone towards accepting this lifestyle.

Con: It Can Be Dangerous

Casual sex dating in South Africa can be so fun and light hearted when it’s conducted properly, but when it isn’t conducted in a safe manner, casual sex can produce very serious consequences. Casual sex has the capability of being destructive towards your well-being, not only in regards to contracting STD’s, but also when it comes to who you interact with.

“Casual” entitles that you do not know this person on an intimate level, which can cause certain people to be put in a very vulnerable position where they can be taken advantage of (or even worse). Always use protection, but keep in mind that condoms aren’t 100% effective when it comes to protected against STD’s, so don’t be afraid to be selective with your sexual partners.

Pro: It Can Help Improve Self-Esteem

Sometimes a lack of sexual activity can cause depression, which affects the way we view ourselves both physically and emotionally. Sexual activity releases endorphins that literally make us happier. Sometimes all we need is a quick romp between the sheets to pull out of our slump – casual sex can be extremely beneficial in this regard.

Con: It Can Hurt Self-Esteem “In Certain Cases”

It’s very important to understand that casual sex is not for everyone. Sometimes a random encounter can leave a self-conscious participant feeling guilty and unclean. To combat this, you must have a very clear understanding of ourselves before we’re put into an emotionally vulnerable situation.

Pro: Sexual Discovery

In many cases, participating in casual sex can be the first step on the path of sexual discovery and self-exploration. Different partners come from different backgrounds with different desires and preferences – interacting with a variety of partners ensures that you’ll have a wide range of experience. Casual Sex dating in South Africa is a great way to discover new experiences that will get the blood pumping and the heart pounding.

Con: It Can Get Lonely

Casual dating is great when an individual is looking for a NSA type of relationship, but that doesn’t mean that it’s ideal for everyone. A long string of sexual relations without emotional connection can cause some people to feel lonely or empty. As humans we naturally crave affection, not only in a sexual way, but in emotional and spiritual ways as well. This can cause an individual to “catch feelings” in a relationship that’s supposed to be commitment free.

There are several pros and cons when it comes to the exciting territory of casual sex dating in South Africa. It’s up to the reader to decide whether pros outweigh the cons, or if the risk is too high for the reward. Despite what the reader chooses, remember to always use protection, always be safe, and always have fun.

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