5 Ways to Power Up Your Casual Relationships In South Africa

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Casual relationships are always fun and exciting, especially in the beginning. At the start of your relations it’s all fire and passion, but as the fling goes on the flames die out. This is to be expected – it’s completely normal to get used to someone. However, being used to someone doesn’t mean that you need to throw them away and get another partner. There are simple ways to keep that burning passion in your casual relationships in South Africa without forcing yourself to do so. With these five tricks, you will effortlessly power-up your casual relationships and have a lot of fun doing it.

1.) Try Something New

Are things getting stale? Try something new. It can be a new position, a new toy, a new outfit, a new flavor of lube – anything that will get your juices flowing and your blood pumping. For a fun day out, you could even take your partner on a trip to the sex shop, where you both can pick out items that spark your fancy. Keep your mind open, look stuff up on the internet, and allow yourself to have new sexual experiences.

2.) Try A New Location

Do you have a specific location that you like to meet up? Change it! Do you and your partner usually interact in the bedroom? Try the living room. Try the dining room table. Try the kitchen counter. Try the laundry room on top of a running clothes machine. The possibilities are endless if you open your mind to them. Be adventurous and step outside of the house. Maybe you could try interacting in a semi-public location like the car or the movies. The uncertainty of a new location or the possibility of getting in trouble can spark up any casual relationship. Make sure not to get caught, though – public indecency is a heck of a fine.

3.) Sexting

The new wave of the future is upon us and this age that relies purely on cell phones can help power up your casual relationship in South Africa. Sexting is an exciting way to keep your partner thinking about you all throughout the day. Nothing is better at improving your mood than receiving a sexy text from a sexy person. You could simply send them dirty texts or you could send them provocative pictures – it all depends on what you’re comfortable with. If you are open to sending nude photos, make sure that your face and defining features (tattoos, birthmarks, etc.) are not within the frame.

4.) Include More People

If you and your partner are open to including more people in your sexual encounters, it would be an amazing way to spice up your sexual relationship. Invite a third member to your party between the sheets. However, not everyone is comfortable with something like this so make sure to communicate with your partner BEFORE you make the arrangements.

5.) Have A Sexy Vacation

Sometimes stress can greatly impact the amount of pleasure that you receive from sex. Escape from the hustle-and-bustle of daily life by going on a sexy vacation with your partner. You don’t have to travel and you don’t have to spend a lot of money – just buy a hotel room so that you and your partner have all day to have a romp. Order a pizza and spend the entire day between the sheets. Keep the environment casual and fun.

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